Situations and Circumstances (2021) is an hour-long film conceived by visual artist Joshua Kaufman and a team of creative collaborators, with performances by Lillian Bornstein, Carlo Fiorletta, Javan Nelson, Hannah Schmitt, Dexter Strong, and Michael Way.

By way of an achingly intimate lens (cinematography by Matthew Kyle Levine), the film monitors a diverse group of characters in an amateur improv class over the course of one night. Their interactions, whether genuine or act, become all-encompassing in the small world they create: witnessing each others’ reactions, reading their thoughts, and engaging in the emotional labor of being human with other humans becomes magnified during the film’s unflinchingly personal probe.

Situations and Circumstances commits to the idea of emotion and movement speaking louder than language, removing dialogue altogether in the space of a stirring ambient score (original music by Shea Glasheen) that submerges the viewer in a realm of pure action-of-body.